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I was new in town when I found Adam. I had back pain and he had a new patient special. Thankfully, he really knows what he’s doing, and results are certain if you follow his plan. I see him weekly now, and have ZERO back pain. Over the past two years, I have referred three friends to him (one being my spouse) and they all are amazed at the difference Adam makes. One friend had first gone to another chiropractor and is so grateful I referred him to Adam.

Stephanie Y.

Amazing care. Staff is friendly and genuinely cares about your health. I went from multiple headaches a week to 3 headaches a year after starting treatment. Dr. Down’s holistic approach to health is very much appreciated! Front office staff is awesome. My family uses their services as well.

Scott S.

I am thrilled to share my remarkable experience with Dr. Downs’ chiropractic service, particularly the awe-inspiring treatment provided by Sophia through Shockwave Therapy. As someone who had been grappling with persistent neck pain and the excruciating discomfort of sciatica, finding relief seemed like an elusive dream. However, Dr. Downs and Sophia turned that dream into a reality with their extraordinary expertise. From the moment I entered Dr. Downs’ welcoming clinic, I sensed a profound commitment to patient care and a genuine desire to help alleviate my suffering. The warm and attentive staff made me feel instantly at ease, setting the stage for what turned out to be a life-changing journey to wellness. Dr. Downs’ exceptional knowledge and compassion were evident from our first interaction. He attentively listened to my concerns, conducted a thorough examination, and devised a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to my specific needs. It was during this process that he introduced me to Sophia, an exceptional Tech who specializes in Shockwave Therapy. Sophia’s expertise and gentle demeanor instilled a sense of confidence in me right away. She took the time to explain the intricacies of Shockwave Therapy, assuaging any doubts I may have had. Her professionalism and dedication to my well-being were apparent as she carefully prepared me for the treatment, ensuring my comfort and understanding throughout the process. The Shockwave Therapy administered by Sophia was nothing short of miraculous. With each pulse of focused energy, I could feel a wave of relief coursing through my body, specifically targeting my neck and sciatic areas. It was as though the pain that had tormented me for so long was being gently swept away, leaving behind a renewed sense of vitality. To my astonishment, after just one session with Sophia and the application of Shockwave Therapy, I experienced a significant reduction in both my neck pain and sciatic discomfort. It was as if a weight had been lifted, granting me the freedom to move and enjoy life without the constant burden of pain. Sophia’s skillful touch and understanding of the human body truly made a difference in my healing process. Beyond the incredible efficacy of Shockwave Therapy, Dr. Downs and Sophia displayed an unwavering commitment to my overall well-being. They went above and beyond by providing invaluable guidance on posture correction, exercise routines, and self-care practices. Their holistic approach empowered me to take an active role in my recovery, ensuring long-term pain management and a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Downs’ clinic exemplifies excellence in every aspect. The facility is impeccably maintained, creating an environment of comfort and tranquility. The entire staff, from the front desk to the treatment rooms, exudes professionalism, expertise, and genuine care. Appointment scheduling was seamless, and I always felt welcomed and respected during my visits. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Downs’ chiropractic service, particularly Sophia’s extraordinary expertise in Shockwave Therapy. If you are seeking relief from neck pain, sciatica, or any musculoskeletal condition, I urge you to entrust your care to Dr. Downs and Sophia. Their combined talents and the remarkable power of Shockwave Therapy have transformed my life, granting me freedom from pain and restoring my overall well-being. Thank you, Dr. Downs, and a special thank you to Sophia for your outstanding dedication and exceptional care.

Louis G.

I have received chiropractic treatment from Dr. Downs and it has been outstanding. I can’t make enough positive comments about the shockwave treatment in his office. His tech, Sophia, treated me 4 times for an ongoing very painful rotator cuff problem I had suffered for about 5 years. The pain was so bad that it would keep me up at night & I could sleep in one position. It also limited my activities. I had already been through physical therapy & other treatments elsewhere with no change. The only thing left was surgery which I absolutely did not want to do because I knew I would face a long recovery & I would have expensive co-pays. I got immediate relief after the 1st shockwave treatment & after the 4th treatment I felt completely healed and back to my regular self. For those of you dealing with ongoing pain, particularly soft tissue, give this a try. I truly felt this was a miracle for me & am so grateful to be pain free. Everybody’s body is different & it may not work as well for others but it has been marvelous for me. Sophia has been awesome & she knows her physiology & how to utilize this knowledge for the best outcome. Russi in the front office has always been outstanding to work with.

Suzie D.

I Have Suffered With Foot Neuropathy For Years. I Have Purchased Numerous and Various Types Of Shoes Insoles. Various Nutrients and Therapy Products. Attempting To Self Treat My Foot Neuropathy. But To No Avail. I Have Been Seeing Adam Downs Albuquerque Alternative Health. For about 3 months. With the weekly shock treatments Weekly Adjustments and the at home therapy products and program. I have experienced a tremendous improvement in my foot Neuropathy. Probably a 90% improvement in my left foot and about 70% in my right foot which was the worst. I highly recommend the Neuropathy Program for anyone suffering from Foot Neuropathy.

Paul J.

After two years of constant pain in my left leg, I had relief from Shockwave Therapy at Albuquerque Alternative Health. Sophia, at Dr Downs office, was super helpful educating me on the treatment and making me feel at ease as this was an entirely new treatment to consider. Cortisone shots, massage, stretching- nothing helped! During the shockwave therapy, Sophia was very thorough and made me feel relaxed. She really cares about her patients. 5 days after treatment my pain was gone! I will be continuing these treatments for sure! Thank you Dr Downs and Sophia for all your help!

Ashlee M.

I am incredibly grateful for the phenomenal care that I have received from Dr. Adam Downs and his outstanding team at their chiropractic office in Albuquerque, NM. Being someone with degenerative issues in my neck and spine, I came to them bearing significant pain in my neck and shoulders. Their holistic, patient-centered approach not only eased my discomfort but truly turned my life around. From the moment I walked through their doors, the warmth, respect, and genuine care from the entire staff have been unmatched. They have taken the time to listen to my concerns and understand my conditions, which immediately eased my anxiety around chiropractic care. Dr. Downs is nothing short of a miracle worker. His deep understanding of his field, paired with his compassionate approach to treating his patients, is truly exceptional. His expert hands, coupled with his state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques, have made an incredible difference in my life, significantly reducing my daily pain and improving my overall quality of life. A special mention goes to Sophia, whose shockwave treatments have been a complete game-changer. I have noticed a significant improvement in my neck movement and daily tension since starting these treatments. She is a master at what she does, combining professional skill and care to make each session productive and comfortable. For anyone dealing with spinal or neck issues and harboring fear of chiropractic treatments, I highly recommend Dr. Downs and his team. They have not only dispelled my fear but have made me a firm believer in what a caring and dedicated doctor can achieve. Their commitment to alleviating suffering and enhancing health is truly inspiring. This isn’t just an office – it’s a sanctuary where healing happens, and pain takes a backseat. I am extremely thankful for the life-changing care I have received here, and I can confidently say that Dr. Downs and his team are the best in the business. My journey to recovery is proof of their excellence. Every day, I am thankful for the improved quality of life they have helped me achieve, and for anyone reading this review, please know that with Dr. Downs and his team, you are in the best hands in Albuquerque, NM.

Art L.

Our Physical Therapist recommended Dr Downs anticipating he could give my wife additional relief with mobility and pain, & give me assistance with my chronic back and neck tension Dr Downs developed a treatment plan for each of us. His patience and persistence in implementing the plans is helping each of us. My wife’s improvement is giving her encouragement and relief. Dr Downs’ treatment is relieving the tension and discomfort I have had for so many years. Dr Downs, Thank You!

Larry B.

I came in on a recommendation from a friend. I was exhausted looking for help and I had spent too much time and money on trying to find a good chiropractor who wasn’t totally scammy, but I trusted my friend’s recommendation to try one more. I was in pretty bad shape – could barely walk. I was limping severely and in a lot of pain, and couldn’t sleep very well for weeks. My spine, right hip, and knee were all out of place and a painful sciatic was starting up. Dr. Downs was really thoughtful and thorough in our first talk, and was full of understanding but also was optimistic he could help me. We came up with an extremely affordable plan. I’ve been 2-3 times a week and after three weeks of visits – I went on my first hike! I am walking limp free and my pain is remarkably better. I am sleeping better, I can do things I was unable to before (or at least not in a long time) and it’s given me a quality of life back that really messed with me mentally not having previously. This isn’t just a nice review but I’m really so tremendously thankful to Dr. Downs for believing he could help and being knowledgeable enough to help so extremely, when others couldn’t/wouldn’t. It’s such a nice office, friendly team, and a really easy and advanced check-in system. I cannot stress this enough, see him, come up with a plan that’s right for you, and get your quality of life back!

Shanny S.

Dr. Downs is a great dr who has been doing this for many years. He listens to you and is very personable. Both my husband and I go to him and have enjoyed his care.

Mariam A.

This was the first chiropractor I’ve ever been to and I have to admit I was a little nervous at first if it would really help all of the back pain I’ve had for 5 years since being a high school athlete. And I will honestly say I’ve never felt better! I can sit and stand for long periods of time without having pain. Dr. Downs knows his stuff and truly listens to his patients and takes their concerns into account and I truly respect him for it. If I ever have anymore back pain I will definitely be seeing Dr. Downs again.

Christy G.

Excellent staff and usually in and out in 10 min. I can easily say I feel much better and have increased flexibility and energy levels since visiting Dr. Downs. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to feel better.

Mark P.

Dr. Downs and his staff are amazing! I can see and feel the progress every week. I was crooked and crippled when I came in a year ago, now I’m able to keep up with my 2 year old all day! I would highly recommend Albuquerque Alternative Health. Go Giants!!

Will S.

I’m very pleased with my progress. Dr. Downs is awesome he is truly gifted at what he does 1000% recommend him to anyone with any kind of neck or back injury. Only been with him for 7 months and I feel like a teenager. Don’t waste your time and 💰 anywhere else believe me he’s worth every penny.

April S.

Definitely recommend, they’ve made a huge difference in my husbands well being.

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