Keep Stress Under Wraps

Stress is a major reason why people get sick. Let’s look at the different categories of stress.

There is physical stress, chemical stress and emotional stress. Physical stress can be seen in poor posture as we sit in odd positions all day at a desk or we spend hours looking down at our iPads or our iPhones. Sports, everyday chores, anything that can cause an injury will cause stress to the spine and that is the physical realm of stress.

Chemical types of stresses are things that are in our environment. Air pollution for one is a chemical stress that our body has to spend a lot of time and energy trying to filter the air that we breathe. Our bodies are being exposed to so many things. There are additives and chemicals in our food. Medications have side effects – these are all stresses to the body.

Then there is emotional stress. Emotional stress is really how we perceive the world. People don’t get enough sleep, have tumultuous relationships, are constantly in fear of losing a job or making ends meet. These forms of emotional stress can wreak havoc on a body.

Make choices for your health that will make dealing with stress more tolerable. Lessons to learn about handling and beating stress:

  • See a chiropractor regularly to keep your nervous system working at its full potential.
  • Do a physical activity regularly that you enjoy (walking is great!) to get endorphins flowing.
  • Make food choices that do not include processed ingredients – eat clean.
  • Avoid medications when natural solutions will work.
  • Live in the moment. Find beauty and appreciate the simplest things in life.

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